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Hi Friends,

The main idea of creating this blog is to help my friends in the area of Bigdata and Hadoop technology. I am working in I.T  and moved my technology from Mainframe background to Hadoop technology.

As my friends were asking for help for getting good materials to learn Hadoop technology in Bigdata field.So I thought let’s create website blog and update all the details so that it will help my friends to follow my posts clear any doubts if they have any.

If you dont have any idea what is BigData and Hadoop technology, my best advice is to go website for beginners and register.Its Free. Enrol  Bigdata Fundamentals  and Hadoop Fundamentals courses other courses etc… This is how I started and it will save time too.

This site was Developed by IBM. Each course is designed very well. and end of the course there will be test in which we will get Free IBM certification.

Once you are familiar with this site now go to  site to get expert level knowledge..

Hope you guys like this blog.

Good Luck 🙂

Let me know if you need any help and leave your comments.

Thank you

-Ramesh Basina



    • Hi Praveen, thank you for posting.. this post basically helps those who wants to change their technology to Bigdata area.. Currently in market so many bigdata materials available . Few are free and few are commercial. In web site designed suchaway that we wont deviate from the course.. and videos are very crispy and tells you what you want to know.

      If you have better materials its good.. also you can share if you have good materials

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  1. Thank you Ramesh. This is really helpful for starters like me. I have a deadline nearby to be certified in Hadoop (Like 2 months from here). Please suggest, what is the best way and material to start with to get the certification ASAP. Also, Suggest which certification adds value to our profile?

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