Smartphone & Money.

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Its continues to my previous article “Smart Way to Save & Invest Money“. I came across couple of smart phone apps which saves me few dollars per week.

1. Ibotta “Better than Coupons, Just it is an instant cashback app and can be used in all the major departments, electronics, clothing, restaurants,medical and home & Office  stores etc. Regularly you can use it in Walmart, Publix and Harris Teeter (Milk, eggs, Veggies etc) and saves few dollars a week by unlocking. After shopping verify and scan receipt using your smartphone. Once you have reached 5$ or more you can redeem with PayPal or you can buy gift card from various retailers.

Read more: ibotta

2. If you are a shopping lover, I definitely recommend shopcick app. This is smart phone iOS and Android app that shows you the best deals and popular products at stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, American Eagle, JCPenney, Sports Authority, and also at grocery stores. Just turn on your smart phone GPS and Bluetooth on and it rewards you with kicks (like rewards points) just for walking in the door. Get even more kicks when you scan items and make purchases. Redeem your kicks for gift cards for your favorite stores.

Read more: shopcick

3. Google Opinion rewards is Android app created by Google Consumer Surveys. Once you signup, you will get weekly one or two quick surveys. Answer few short multiple choice questions and get Google Play credit through Google Opinion Rewards. If you are Android lover definitely you like this as you can download favorite Google Music, Books, Magazines, or Movies in the Play Store by redeeming your credits.

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4. SlidejoyLock Screen Cash” Every smart phone has unlock, is it pays you whenever you unlock? It’s no right?. Here it is, new Slidejoy app which will pay money for unlocking your lock screen. This App specially designed to view latest news and ads on your lock screen and get paid to view those ads.

Once you download Slidejoy app, ads and news appear on your screen and just slide RIGHT to unlock home screen. sliding to the LEFT on your lock screen to get more information on the content. Depending on your unlocks per day, carats (100 carat= 1$)  will added in your account and can be redeemed via check, PayPal transfer or donated to a partner charity. Slidejoy app currently available only in Android.

Read more: Slidejoy

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-Ramesh Basina


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